Driver Licence Translation


For languages listed
in the drop-down list below:

1 hour service: NZ$ 60.00
(Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm)

3 hour service: NZ$ 60.00
(weekends from 10am to 5pm)

Next day service: NZ$ 45.00


All other languages:

Next day service: NZ$ 65.00

2 day service: NZ$ 50.00

Same day services possible depending on availability of translators – please call to check.




How to use this form:


step 1: Please fill in and submit your contact details and upload your license scans.


step 2 : After you submitted your contact details and DL scans - pay for your translation using Paypal button below, please enter the amount you are paying into "Pay now" field based on your language and time frame (see rates above).

Did you know?


You can also use your Driver License to apply for an IRD number

For more information visit Inland revenue website:


How can I get a translation of my Driver's License?

You can either come to our office and meet our staff, who will help you with the different steps, or you can scan and mail or email it to us.
You don't have to come to our office - you can pay directly to our account number: 060284 0088963 00 by putting your name as a reference.
You can receive your translation by courier bag NZ$7 extra.


I need more information
Visit Land Transport website:
Visit AA website:





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